The San Juan Bautista Mission 
Kylie and Max 

It's always so refreshing when we get to let lose and become creative with a different color palette than we normally see. For Max and Kylie's wedding at the San Juan Bautista Mission, we really wanted to capture the amazing heritage within the venue and Kylie and Max's gorgeous details. 

With the classic stone and brick surroundings, we created the vibrant mix of reds, oranges, purples and burgundy to really capture the essence of Kylie and Max's vision. We also showcased one of our handcrafted flower crowns for Kylie, to perfectly compliment her bouquet.  We also wanted to capture a fun and unique attribute of the bouquet with the multi colored tails of the bouquet. 

One of our favorite aspects of planning wedding floral is being able to personalize to the exact taste of the bride and groom. While some may like muted colors, whites and ivories, lots of greenery, sometimes we get special requests for bright bold colors and we are always up for the challenge. Stayed tuned to our blog to see some tropical wedding floral coming up!