At Expressions Floral, we go the extra mile to ensure that your flowers are more than a memory. Our wedding consultants offer a variety of elegant style suggestions to create the overall look you dream of. With our talent, training and experience, we will bring your vision to life. Our design team can create any work of art from classic, traditional bouquets, to more modern cutting-edge styles. We can add custom sparkling touches or accents like heirloom jewelry, brooches, pearls, or sentimental mementos to customize your bouquet. A custom arrangement will always evoke special memories of the day you shared, so it's our job to pick something perfectly designed for you. Just as important is choosing the right florist, and Expressions Floral is eager to help you! We want to provide you with flowers that are as unforgettable as your wedding day memories will be. 

Our wholesale buying power gives us access to flowers grown in all regions of the world, at the best prices, which we happily pass on to our customers. Additionally, our extensive knowledge of flower care, combined with meticulous care and handling ensures that your blooms will be at their peak of beauty on the day of your wedding.

We are preferred vendors at the following locations:

Bar SZ Ranch, Paicines 
Kirigin Cellars, Gilroy
Fortino Winery, Gilroy
Guglielmo Winery, Morgan Hill
Hecker Pass Winery, Gilroy
Highlands Inn, Carmel
Jardines de San Juan Bautista
Paicines Ranch, Paicines
The Lodge on the Hill, Gilroy

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